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NPMHU and USPS Reach Tentative Agreement


On January 22, 2020, the National Union announced that it had reached a tentative agreement over the terms of the 2019 National Agreement. This tentative agreement is subject to a ratification vote by the Membership. Information concerning the ratification vote will be provided in the near future. Until then, feel free to familiarize yourself with the agreement on which you will be voting.


Tentative Agreement


December Update - From the Local President

The torch has been passed in the St. Paul Branch. Earlier this month, Jerry LaBarre retired from the Postal Service and relinquished his position as St. Paul Branch President.


This created a vacancy which was filled by the Local Executive Board under the provisions of the Local 323 Bylaws. I am pleased to announce that the Local Executive Board has selected Edward Yun to fill this vacancy. He will serve the Membership in the capacity of the St. Paul Branch President for the remainder of the term. The Local Executive Board's vote selecting Ed was unanimous. This underscores our confidence in Ed's ability; and, I stand ready to provide any support needed to ensure his success. Continues …


2020 Dental Plan Announced!

Mail Handlers Local 323 and Health Partners continue working together to provide you with the best coverage at the lowest price. The 2020 plan is being offered with no change in benefits.


The forms necessary to enroll, change your coverage, or add direct billing, are available on the Local 323 Dental Page. The period for changes ends December 18, 2019. Please mail or fax your materials in time to reach Mail Handlers Local 323 by that date.


Please feel free to contact the Local 323 office with any questions.


November Update - From the Local President

And the peak season approaches.  But, the peak of what exactly?  I guess that largely depends on your perspective.  Peak season has become the prevalent term which has replaced what was previously known as the Christmas rush or holiday rush.  In a universal sense, it means the time of the year when the Postal Service experiences its highest volume. Yet, mail volume isn’t the only peak that occurs during this time.  Continues …


Local 323 Conducts Steward's Seminars

During September and October, the Local Union conducted several Steward's seminars for the Metro Area Branch Representatives. This event was envisioned as a seminar, because it was specifically designed to be an exchange of information among Representatives with different levels of experience. It was deigned not only for the Officers to provide information to the Stewards; but also, to allow the Stewards to tell the Officers what tools and support they needed. We need to have the skills and tools to fight today’s battles, while preparing for the challenges that lie ahead.


While we primarily covered serious topics, there were also some light-hearted moments over lunch. During this time, we shared strategies, swapped war stories, and built comradery. Some pictures from the seminars may be viewed by clicking on the picture.


October Update - From the Local President

Negotiations over the terms of the 2019 National Agreement remain open, the Postmaster General has announced her upcoming retirement, and perhaps most importantly, the payment resulting from the National RI-399 settlement was recently seen on checks.  Continues …