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Metro Area Picnic

The Local 323 picnic was held on May 22nd at Como Park in St. Paul. This was a held at a different location within the park and the spot worked well. Many people helped with the planning and implementation of this event. I would like to express my thanks to Dean Abatte, Kathy Schultz, John Frey, Shane Ryden, Jonta McPherson, and Eddie Yun, for their efforts in making this year’s event a resounding success.


Click on the picture to see some of the festivities.


June Update - From the Local President

While there is never a shortage of duties for your Officers and Representatives to perform, there are times when our range of activity seems ever expansive. From increasing grievance activity to pursing conversions, from meetings to conferences, from Member events to the picnic, the task list and the calendar can fill up quickly. Thankfully, many people throughout Local 323 continue to put forth the effort necessary to keep things moving forward. Particular credit goes to the Branch Representatives in both States. Their constant pursuit of MHA conversions continues to produce results. Keep up the good work! Continues …


Local 323 on Capitol Hill

The 2019 NPMHU Legislative Conference was held the first week of June in Washington, DC. Mail Handler Representatives from across the country visited their Congressional Delegations to provide information and garner support on Postal issues.


Chief among these, of course, is the removal of the requirement that the Postal Service pre-fund the future health benefits of its retirees decades into the future.


Local President Jeff Larsen, Recording Secretary and Minneapolis Branch President Dean Abatte, as well as ND State Executive Board Member Brock Engstrom, attended this event to make sure the voices of our Membership were heard on Capitol Hill.


Click on the picture to see some of their activities.


May Update - From the Local President

Progress continues to be made on some fronts, and, while we continue to battle on others, significant developments have the potential to shape our future. Specifically, the metro area facilities are seeing substantial progress in the number of MHAs being converted to career as we begin battling with management over their latest plan to adjust duty assignments using the Function 1 Scheduler. Meanwhile, Congress has introduced legislation to end the onerous pre-funding mandate regarding the future health benefits of retirees and the National Association of Rural Letter Carriers has announced a tentative agreement with the Postal Service. Continues …

Matt Lopez

Matt Lopez - Local 323 Scholarship Program

The Local Union Council is pleased to announce the opportunity to apply for the Matt Lopez – Local 323 Scholarship Program. This program was established in 1996 and renamed in honor of Matt Lopez in 2017. Matt served the Local Union and the Minneapolis Branch for more than 25 years prior to his untimely passing in July of 2017. He was our Steward, our coworker, our friend, and he will forever be our Brother.


The 2019 program provides for a 4 year $800.00 annual Scholarship which begins in September of this year. Copies of the rules and applications will be provided to all Branches and made available at the Local Office by June 1, 2019.


Opening date for the acceptance of applications is June 3, 2019. The closing date is July 1, 2019.


Any graduating senior who is the son, daughter or legal ward of any regular member in good standing of Local 323 of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union may apply. Good standing is defined by Article V, Section 1, of the Uniform Local Union Constitution of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union. Applicants must file an Official Application with the Local Union Office.


2019 Scholarship Rules and Application


April Update - From the Local President

The countdown towards the expiration of the National Agreement continues as preparations for bargaining are being finalized; yet, a wage increase for MHAs and a potential Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) remain to be implemented. MHAs will receive an additional $0.21 per hour effective May 25th which means that the MHA hourly rate will be $16.21 at level 4 and $17.07 at level 5. Regarding the COLA, that will be effective the first full pay period following the release of the July 2019 Consumer Price Index. That will be in September. Presently, this COLA sits at around $200.00. Continues …


March Update - From the Local President

While grievances continue marching forward and contract negotiations loom on the horizon, we’re keeping a watchful eye on the White House budget proposal and waiting to see if Postal legislation will be introduced in Congress. To be sure, there is no shortage of issues to be addressed by the Officers, Representatives, and Members, of our Union. Continues …


February Update - From the Local President

The 2016 National Agreement expires on September 20th and preparations are well under way for the negotiation of our next contract. Part of these preparations involved providing an opportunity for Mail Handlers from across the country to submit their contractual proposals. This allowed every individual Member to have a voice in their future. Thank you to everyone in Local 323 who took the time to participate in this process. Continues …


January Update - From the Local President

Our hearts went out to the Federal employees furloughed from their jobs during the government shutdown. Particularly to those required to perform their duties knowing that they wouldn’t receive a paycheck until the shutdown ended. Without question, no one should be subjected to these circumstances.


Yet the Postal Service remained open, the Mail kept moving, Postal employees continued working, and continued to receive their paychecks. Indeed, the government shutdown showed the difference between our employment in the Postal Service and the employment of people working for Agencies of the Federal government. Continues …