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July Update - From the Local President

To be sure, we are living in tumultuous times.  The issues are well known.  Most people have opinions regarding their cause as well as opinions regarding the solution. Of course, anytime someone expresses their opinion, they are immediately categorized as belonging to one camp or the other.  Such is the nature of the divide which runs through our society.  Moreover, some things never seem to get fixed, at least in a lasting sense.  It doesn't seem to matter how many times the causes or solutions are identified.


It is not my job as your Local President to fix the problems of the world or to turn this website into a platform for societal change. Neither I, nor the Local Union, have ever endorsed a partisan candidate for office or taken a position on a divisive political issue. Considering that partisan politics create the government which oversees the Postal Service, maybe this approach is naive. Still, I prefer to limit our political activity to lobbying representatives of both parties on Postal issues. I trust that each Member can make up their mind on what issues are most important to them. But let’s turn our attention to one of those things that never seems to get fixed. Let’s talk about the Postal Service. I will start with a statement I made at last month’s meeting of the Local Executive Board, “I have never been more concerned for the future of the Mail Handler Membership, the Union, and the Postal Service, than I am right now.” Continues …


2020 Matt Lopez Scholarship Awarded!

The 2020 Local 323 Matt Lopez Scholarship has been awarded to Udochukwu Abraham. Congratulations! Udochukwu is the son of Minneapolis Branch Mail Handler Uchechi Nwakwue. The Local Union Council wishes Udochukwu the best in the pursuit of his education.


June Update - From the Local President

Are things beginning to return to normal? In some cases things are moving towards normal, or what we considered to be normal in the past, while in other cases nothing has changed. We have removed the plywood covering the front windows and doorway at the Local 323 office, my favorite Mailbox has been returned to the corner, and we are in the process of removing graffiti from the side of the building. Although, removing graffiti from the building has been a regular enough occurrence that it seems normal.


Things have not changed regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. It has not gone away. The Local Union continues to support compliance with CDC guidelines in the workplace. Continues …

Mail Handlers Respond to COVID-19

Throughout Local 323 Mail Handlers continue to make the responsible choice. They have chosen to protect themselves, protect their families, and protect their coworkers by wearing masks and by practicing social distancing.


The Local Union fully supports compliance with CDC guidelines at work. Might be a good idea outside of work as well.


Click on the picture to see more essential Mail Handlers being safe on the job. Maybe you'll even be able to figure out who some of them are.


Work safe and be safe!


May Update - From the Local President

Another day in the pressure cooker?  We continue moving forward during some of the most adverse conditions that we have ever faced.  We are fully engaged on the legislative front with writing letters, sending emails, and phoning our Congressional representatives. Our purpose is to advocate for legislative relief for the Postal Service.  Our efforts at additional career conversions are in full swing and we are seeing some successes in that area.  Implementation of the 2019 National Agreement remains underway and grievance activity remains as steady as ever.  Meanwhile, we are dealing with issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic which need to be continuously monitored.  And most recently, the Local Office had been impacted by the civil unrest which is occurring throughout the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Continues …


April Update - From the Local President

We are certainly dealing with some extreme situations. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives in the workplace and at home. Daily, we hear dire predictions concerning the future of the Postal Service, as well as some troubling proposals supposedly intended to remedy the situation. And, we have begun implementing the recently ratified 2019 National Agreement. It is definitely “game on” and throughout Local 323, the Members, Representatives, and Officers, continue to step up to the plate. Continues …


March Update - From the Local President

It’s incredible how quickly things can change. Discussions concerning the ratification of the tentative agreement were in full swing just in the couple of weeks past. Now, due to the onset of the corona virus, that almost seems like a lifetime ago. The counting of the ballots for ratification of the tentative agreement has been delayed and it is now scheduled to begin on March 30, 2020. Having spoken with Officers, Representatives, and Members, from within and outside of Local 323, the sentiment seems to be that the tentative agreement will be overwhelmingly ratified. If that turns out to be the case, then this will provide some certainty to our workplace. It will be nice to not have to worry about our contract with everything else that’s happening. Continues …