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September Update - From the Local President

Sometimes we can be overtaken by the pace of activity and we find ourselves in the position of trying to catch up.  This may be driven by an increase in the volume of usual activities or a decision to take on additional tasks.  The first may be the result of external factors, while the second usually results from a decision to seek further objectives.  You keep pushing forward day after day until you find yourself typing in a hotel room far from home because there’s a couple of hours left in the day that you can’t afford to waste.  Sometimes that’s the way it goes.  Continues …


August Update - From the Local President

We’re approaching the time where the rubber meets the road regarding National Negotiations, we’re watching to see what action may be taken by Congress after their return from their summer break, and new hires continue to replenish the MHA ranks following the recent round of conversions.  In addition, management continues with an onslaught of disciplinary action related to attendance.  Continues …


2019 Local 323 Matt Lopez Scholarship Awarded

The 2019 Local 323 Scholarship Matt Lopez has been awarded to Daniel Yi. Daniel is the son of Minneapolis Branch Member Hung Yi. The Members of the Local Union Council wish Daniel the best in the pursuit of his education.

July Update - From the Local President

Contractual grievances are keeping your Representatives busy, while grievance numbers continue to swell due to an onslaught of attendance related discipline. National Negotiations are underway, and we await the official release of the Postmaster General’s 10-year business plan. We continue full speed ahead towards the future.  Continues …


Metro Area Picnic

The Local 323 picnic was held on May 22nd at Como Park in St. Paul. This was a held at a different location within the park and the spot worked well. Many people helped with the planning and implementation of this event. I would like to express my thanks to Dean Abatte, Kathy Schultz, John Frey, Shane Ryden, Jonta McPherson, and Eddie Yun, for their efforts in making this year’s event a resounding success.


Click on the picture to see some of the festivities.


June Update - From the Local President

While there is never a shortage of duties for your Officers and Representatives to perform, there are times when our range of activity seems ever expansive. From increasing grievance activity to pursing conversions, from meetings to conferences, from Member events to the picnic, the task list and the calendar can fill up quickly. Thankfully, many people throughout Local 323 continue to put forth the effort necessary to keep things moving forward. Particular credit goes to the Branch Representatives in both States. Their constant pursuit of MHA conversions continues to produce results. Keep up the good work! Continues …


Local 323 on Capitol Hill

The 2019 NPMHU Legislative Conference was held the first week of June in Washington, DC. Mail Handler Representatives from across the country visited their Congressional Delegations to provide information and garner support on Postal issues.


Chief among these, of course, is the removal of the requirement that the Postal Service pre-fund the future health benefits of its retirees decades into the future.


Local President Jeff Larsen, Recording Secretary and Minneapolis Branch President Dean Abatte, as well as ND State Executive Board Member Brock Engstrom, attended this event to make sure the voices of our Membership were heard on Capitol Hill.


Click on the picture to see some of their activities.