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Welcome to the Local 323 Web Site!

Matt Lopez - Local 323 Scholarship Program

Matt Lopez

The Local Union Council is pleased to announce the opportunity to apply for the Matt Lopez – Local 323 Scholarship Program. This program was established in 1996 and renamed in honor of Matt Lopez in 2017. Matt served the Local Union and the Minneapolis Branch for more than 25 years prior to his untimely passing in July of 2017. He was our Steward, our coworker, and our friend.


The 2018 program provides for a 4 year $800.00 annual Scholarship begining in September of this year. Applications will be accepted from June 1, through June 29, 2018. The rules and an application are available at the following link: Scholarship Package

May Update - From the Local President

Some Members have expressed frustration with the amount of time it takes to resolve issues in the grievance procedure. Moreover, there seems to be an impression among many Mail Handlers that their supervisors should actually be resolving their grievances. These Mail Handlers have had their contractual rights violated, their supervisor acknowledges the violation, and then their supervisor denies the grievance. Shouldn’t their supervisor be resolving their grievance? Yes, they should. In fact, the objective of the grievance – arbitration procedure is to resolve issues at the lowest possible step. Continues …

April Update – From the Local President

Recently, all of the so called “excessing events” impacting facilities within the Northland District were canceled. Those who had been notified that they may be excessed outside the craft and/or installation have received new letters rescinding that notification. The Local 323 facilities within the Dakotas District were not impacted by excessing events. This presents us with the opportunity to refocus our efforts on MHA conversions. Continues …

Postal Reform

March Update – From the Local President

Once again, we turn our attention towards Capitol Hill to see if Postal Reform will be enacted by Congress.


The bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act of 2018 was introduced on March 22nd by U.S. Senators Tom Carper (D-DE), Jerry Moran (R-KS), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), and Claire McCaskill (D-MO). This latest Act represents an enhanced version of House Resolution 756 which passed out of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on a bipartisan voice vote in March of last year. Continues …


February Update – From the Local President

If violations of the contract continue, we will continue to file grievances. That seems straight forward enough. To be sure, some grievance activity is inevitable. Mistakes will be made and often some new manager or supervisor hasn’t been trained regarding the scheduling of overtime, holiday scheduling, or which craft performs what duties. But, the level of grievance activity which we’re currently seeing is unusually pervasive and repetitive. Continues …

January Update – From the Local President

While it seems like we hit the ground running, it’s more likely that we’re continuing to ride a wave of momentum from last year. Whatever the case, it has already become clear that 2018 will be substantial in terms of grievance activity. Many continue to see grievance payments included in their pay checks on regular basis. Continues …

December Update – From the Local President

It seems some have gotten the impression that the Union oversees operations in the Postal Service. The Union does not run the Postal Service. Not your Officers, not your Stewards, and certainly not me. It is not our job to run the Postal Service. That is the job of Postal management. It is the Union’s job to determine if the way management runs the Postal Service violates the contract. Continues …

November Update – From the Local President

This month sees implementation of the second of three general wage increases contained in the 2016 National Agreement. This increase becomes effective on November 25th. Also on this date, MHAs receive an increase of 1% on this date. A printable version of the current wage chart is available under “Quick Links.”


The final general wage increase of the 2016 National Agreement will be effective on November 24, 2018, and will consist of 1.3%. There also exists the potential for four cost of living adjustments during the remaining term of this contract. Continues …


October Update – From the Local President

It seems as if we’re living our lives in a pressure cooker; at least our lives at work. I don't know how else to put it. Management's nationwide endeavor to realign the workforce through the Function 1 scheduler is reaching fever pitch. This is causing an extraordinary amount of stress for the Mail Handlers who are impacted as well as for the Representatives who continue their efforts at addressing the numerous problems. Continues …

September Update – From the Local President

As the season turns towards fall, we continue our struggles around the staffing changes resulting from the Function 1 Scheduler. We have made progress in some Branches, while others remained mired in this management created chaos. Continues …