Local President's Page


August 2010 Update

A rapid pace continues to be the order of the day for your Representatives as the Postal Service moves forward with changes in the twin cities.


Of course the issue currently at the forefront is the relocation of the St. Paul processing and distribution center from downtown St. Paul to the newly constructed building in Eagan. For many months your Union representative have been meeting with management to minimize the impact on the regular workforce. The Union's team in this regard consists of myself, Branch President Doug Vitek, Chief Stewards Jerry LaBarre and Tony Triplett, and L&DC Steward Brian Lay. We've made significant progress since we were notified last December of management's intend to excess 29 level 5 FTP's, 4 level 4 FTR's, and 3 level 4 PTR's from the installation. Through discussions, attrition, and the decision to keep the L&DC open the impact has been greatly reduced. So far 4 Mail Handlers have been excessed from the installation. These people were reassigned (2 involuntarily and 2 voluntarily) to Sioux Falls, SD. Currently, there are only a handful of people remaining who may be excessed or required to convert to PTF in order to remain in the installation. While I cannot guarantee any particular outcome, pending retirements may make it possible for all remaining impacted Mail Handlers to remain as FTR's within the twin cities. That has been and will continue to be our goal.


The relocation from a multi-floor building to a single floor building has also posed concerns regarding the implementation of the National Agreement as well as the Local Memorandum of Understanding. These concerns have recently been resolved through the negotiation of a Transitional Agreement which will serve to guarantee the contractual rights of Mail Handlers at the new location. In addition, last week saw an agreement reached regarding daily work assignments.


It should also be mentioned that along with the installation wide excessing and the relocation to the new building, sectional excessing, reposting, and scheduled hours changes, have been implemented at the L&DC. This will be another situation that will have to be monitored and I'm confident that we'll have no problem ensuring that retreat rights will be offered as appropriate.

Much has been accomplished; although, some things still need to be worked out. One of the remaining issues concerns the movement of mail between the St. Paul P&DC and the adjacent NDC. In this matter, NDC Branch President Mike Straiton has been in attendance at recent meetings as an agreement will have to be reached between management and both Branches.


The Branch representatives have been working hard on these issues and we remain focused on our objectives.