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June 2013 Update

While we continue the ongoing process of implementing the 2011 National Agreement, we must also look ahead towards the possibility of conducting local negotiations.  The finalization of the National Agreement, whether negotiated, or as in this case arbitrated, sets forth a window of opportunity to negotiate a local memorandum of understanding in each Branch.  This process does not allow the local parties to modify the terms of the National Agreement; but rather, constitutes an acknowledgment by the national parties that an effective implementation of the National Agreement must take into account the specifics of a given installation.  To be sure, contractual implementation in a facility with several hundred Mail Handlers presents different issues than that of a facility with several dozen.


Prudent use of local negotiations can be beneficial to both parties.  It can make the National Agreement more manageable for the Postal Service and more enforceable for the Union.  Article 30 sets for the items over which the local parties may negotiate.


They are


Item A Additional or longer wash-up periods.
Item B Guidelines for the curtailment or termination of postal operations to conform to orders of local authorities or as local conditions warrant because of emergency conditions.
Item C Formulation of local leave program.
Item D The duration of the choice vacation period.
Item E

The determination of the beginning day of an employee's vacation

Item F Whether employees at their option may request two selections during the choice vacation period, in units of either 5 or 10 days.
Item G Whether jury duty and attendance at National or State Conventions shall be charged to the choice vacation period.
Item H Determination of the maximum percentage of employees who shall receive leave each week during the choice vacation period.
Item I The issuance of official notices to each employee of the vacation schedule approved for such employee.
Item J Determination of the date and means of notifying employees of the beginning of the new leave year.
Item K The procedures for submission of applications for annual leave during other than the choice vacation period.
Item L Whether "Overtime Desired" lists in Article 8 shall be by section and/or tour.
Item M The number of light duty assignments to be reserved for temporary or permanent light duty assignment.
Item N The method to be used in reserving light duty assignments so that no regularly assigned member of the regular work force will be adversely affected.
Item O The identification of assignments that are to be considered light duty.
Item P The identification of assignments comprising a section, when it is proposed to reassign within an installation, employees excess to the needs of a section.
Item Q

The assignment of employee parking spaces.

Item R The determination as to whether annual leave to attend Union activities requested prior to determination of the choice vacation schedule is to be part of the total choice vacation plan.
Item S

Those other items which are subject to local negotiations as provided in the following Articles:
Article 12, Section .3B5
Article 12, Section .3C
Article 12, Section .3E3e
Article 12, Section .4
Article 12, Section .6C4a
Article 13, Section .3

Item T Local implementation of this Agreement relating to seniority, reassignments and posting.


In addition to these Items, the arbitration award allows the local parties to negotiate provisions in the to permit MHA's to apply for 40 hour blocks of annual leave during the choice vacation period.

It should also be mentioned that we are not required to open local negotiations. If this is the decision of Members and Representatives of a given Branch, then the pre-existing local memorandum will remain in effect.


So, take some time to review the local memorandum for your Branch. It is available in the Members Center. The opinions of the Members of a Branch will be solicited should local negotiations be opened.