Local President's Page


July 2014 Update

The announcement that the Postal Service would be resuming plant closings and consolidations caused much trepidation among our Members in the potentially impacted facilities.  Certainly this is understandable.  Many have spent years with the specter of excessing hanging over their heads and the prospect of our employer continuing down this misguided path has not been well received.  Moreover, the ongoing offer of retreat rights to Mail Handlers previously excessed from these potentially impacted facilities creates the impression that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.


As everyone is aware, the Postal Service had rescinded all the withholding notices for the facilities slated for consolidation within Local 323.  Now the process of re-issuing these notices has begun; although, the extent to date has been limited.  So far, the only facility within Local 323 which has been identified for consolidation is Minot in the State of North Dakota.  That notice was received recently and proposes to excess 2 Mail Handlers from Minot to Bismarck.  It is interesting that the notice relied upon the data utilized in the original proposal from 2012.  This doesn’t support a conclusion that the Postal Service is carefully considering the current needs of our customers.  In fact, didn’t the problems with the Mail in western North Dakota just get sorted out?


The withholding notices re-issued in the Northland District so far have identified facilities in the State of Wisconsin.  The withholding radius of these notices has not impacted any of the Local 323 facilities located in Minnesota.  That could change at any minute and we are prepared to take the steps necessary to protect the rights of Mail Handlers in any impacted facility.