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August 2014 Update

The issuance of withholding notices related to the proposed consolidations of Minot, Duluth, St. Cloud, and Mankato, indicates that the Postal Service is preparing to go forward with their plans for 2015.  These 4 facilities represent Local 323’s share of the approximately 82 facilities across the country which are identified for this latest round of consolidation.


According to a schedule provided by the Postal Service, the originating and destinating mail will be removed from Minot effective 1/10/15, the originating and destinating mail will be removed from Duluth effective 4/18/15, and the destinating mail will be removed from St. Cloud as well as Mankato effective 7/11/15.  The originating mail was already removed from St. Cloud and Mankato during last year’s round of consolidation.  The mail from Minot is slated to go into Bismarck P&DF, the mail from Duluth is slated to go into St. Paul P&DC, and the mail from Mankato as well as St. Cloud is slated for the Minneapolis P&DC.


So, is it really going to happen this time?  I wish I could answer that question; and, I wish my answer was no.  But I can’t say that.  I do know that efforts are underway which are attempting to limit the Postal Service’s ability to take these actions.   In particular, 50 Senators have sent a letter to the appropriations committee seeking to include a one year moratorium on plans to close mail processing plants and slow down first-class mail delivery.  This letter, desires the insertion of language requiring a one year ban on mail delivery cuts into legislation needed to keep the government running.  That legislation must be passed by October 1st.  So, we’ll see where we stand then.