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September 2014 Update

Uncertainty remains the order of the day.  Will the Postal Service go forward with the proposed consolidations of Minot, Duluth, St. Cloud, and Mankato in 2015, or will these actions be stopped by some intervening action by Congress?  It’s hard to bet on Congress getting something done these days. 


After years of debating Postal Reform, Congress remains unable to get the ball across the goal line.  There was a glimmer of hope recently when 50 Senators called for a one year moratorium on closures and consolidations.   These Senators proposed to tie this moratorium to legislation required to fund the continuing operation of the government.  The end result was that once again we were left out in the cold.  So for now we continue to wait.


On another front, all Branches continue making progress in the conversion of MHA’s to career employees.  The National Union has recently secured two Memoranda of Understanding concerning MHA’s.  The first allows newly converted full-time regulars to bid during their probationary period and the second clarifies issues concerning relative standing as well as seniority.  These Memoranda represent an important expansion of MHA rights from those initially set forth in the Fishgold award.