Local President's Page


October 2014 Update

The fall mailing season has been in full swing for a while and preparations are being made for the December Mail onslaught.  Meanwhile, grievance activity remains steady throughout both States.   Most of this activity centers on the issues of overtime and holiday scheduling; with some cross craft grievances and disciplinary actions accounting for the remainder.


Progress continues to be made on issues related to MHAs; although, the percentage of MHA employed in the metro area facilities appears to be declining.  Whether management is merely slow in hiring up to the percentages or whether this represents some type of depletion of the pool remains to be seen.  Some have suggested there is a shortage of people willing to take a MHA or casual position.  This could make things real interesting during the month of December.


Looming on the horizon, of course, is the specter of consolidation for the facilities of Duluth, Saint Cloud, Mankato, and Minot.  No one is certain what will happen in this regard.  All we can currently do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  And prepared we are.  The Officers and Representative of Local 323 remain committed to ensuring that the contractual rights of all Mail Handlers are respected under all circumstances.