Local President's Page


February 2015 Update


Management continues moving forward with plans to consolidate the facilities of Duluth, Mankato, St. Cloud, and Minot, into other installations.  The facilities of Minot and Duluth are currently at the forefront of our efforts as they are first up on the schedule.


Both of these facilities have been on the consolidation list for several years and the Mail Handlers who work there have had to live with constant uncertainty throughout this time.  How would you feel if the place you worked for decades told you that you had to uproot your family and move more than a hundred or 200 hundred miles away? Well, we’ve be down this road before and I can assure you that you would feel betrayed. 


The Officers and Representatives of Local 323 are facing these issues head-on; and, we will continue to pursue a course of action designed to protect the rights and interests of our Members.