Local President's Page


September 2015 Update

We continue our efforts in all Branches to secure the conversion of more MHAs.  So far this year we have seen 53 MHAs converted to career in the Northland District.  All of those conversions occurred at the NDC, Saint Paul, and Minneapolis Branches.  Similar success has been seen in the North Dakota Branches of Fargo, Bismarck, and Grand Forks.


I could say, based upon my dialogue with other Local Unions that we are doing better than average, even significantly better than average; but, I doubt that would be of any consolation to those awaiting conversion.  Moreover, I’m reasonably sure that the conversion of MHAs will be pursued during National negotiations; but, that’s quite a ways away and may not come to fruition.  So, in the mean time we must continue plugging away at our level. 


Retirements, resignations, and other personnel actions will continue to provide us with opportunities.  If at some future time there is a nationwide conversion of MHAs then that would be great.  They will be back filled with new MHAs and the process will start all over again.  That’s why it’s a permanent industry.