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October 2015 Update

I’d like to begin this month’s update by congratulating NDC Chief Steward Keith Unterseher on his retirement.  Keith began serving as a Representative 1995 and was promoted to Chief Steward in 2002.  We are all grateful for your many years of friendship and service – Thank You Keith.


Recently, I spent a week in Washington, DC serving as a member of the Field Negotiating Committee.  This committee was tasked with reviewing and making recommendations for the contract proposals submitted from across the country. 

Hundreds upon hundreds of proposals were reviewed and debated. 


These proposals covered the majority of the contractual articles.  Of course, considering that the arbitrator created the MHA position, many proposals dealt with that category.  I cannot say what the final package of proposals will look like, nor can I say what proposals are likely to be secured in negotiation or arbitration; but I can say, that the NPMHU will be thoroughly prepared to secure the best outcome for the Membership.