Local President's Page


November 2015 Update

November provides us with the final general wage increase of the current contract.  While the potential for a cost of living adjustment exists following the release of January 2016 consumer price index, it remains to be seen whether that will produce an increase.  We continue ticking towards May 20, 2016, and the expiration of the 2011 National Agreement. 


The proposals for the next National Agreement have been received and reviewed.  They continue to be refined for submission at the bargaining table.  Negotiations will begin early in 2016.   In the meantime, we’re plunging headlong into the chaos that is the holiday season at the Postal Service.


During November we pause to recognize the things for which we’re thankful.  There are many things for which I’m thankful.  I’m thankful for a Union that’s produced a contract for my benefit; I’m thankful for a contract that provides wage increases in a time when wages remain flat; I’m thankful for Officers and Representative who enforce the contract and protect my rights; and, I’m thankful for the Members who comprise the Union and make all of this possible.