Local President's Page


January 2016 Update


The delegation for the 2016 National Postal Mail handlers National Convention has been finalized.  In addition to the Local President, Vice President Kathy Schultz, ND State Executive Board Member Brock Engstrom, Saint Paul Branch President Jerry LaBarre, and Minneapolis Branch Member Elizabeth Dunning, will be representing Local 323 at the Convention this August.


The National Convention at is heart is a Constitutional Convention.  It is where the Membership, through their Delegates can amend the National Constitution as well as the Uniform Local Union Constitution which serve as the governing documents of their respective bodies.  A call for Membership proposals to change these documents will be made in the near future and will be referred to the Constitution Committee.


In addition to the Constitution Committee, there are the Legislative and Political Committee, the Resolutions Committee, the Credentials Committee, and the Rules Committee.  The Legislative and Political Committee will make recommendations as to what pieces of legislation should be supported by the NPMHU and the Resolutions Committee will make recommendations concerning general matters and causes for which we may choose to offer our official support. 


The Credentials Committee and Rules Committee concern themselves with the operation of the Convention itself, with the Credentials Committee being responsible for the proper accreditation and seating of the Delegates, while the Rules Committee outlines the manner in which the Convention operates.


Finally, the National Convention serves as a type of political primary for those seeking election to one of the National Officer positions.  Should there be more than two candidates for a specific position, the Delegates will vote to reduce this number until two candidates remain.  Those two candidates will then be voted upon by the Membership nationwide.


2016 is already shaping up to be a year of significant activity.  The National Convention will be one of many important parts.