Local President's Page


March 2016 Update

While the Union at the National level continues negotiating with the Postal Service over the terms of the 2016 National Agreement, the Union at the Local level continues its efforts at the implementation and enforcement of the 2011 National Agreement.  And while it remains to be seen at what time and through what mechanism the 2016 National Agreement will be delivered, the 2011 National Agreement will expire on May 20th.

When the 2011 National Agreement expires its terms will remain in place until the 2016 National Agreement becomes effective.   This means that we will continue processing grievances concerning overtime bypasses, holiday scheduling, disciplinary actions, as well as all the numerous other issues that need to be addressed on a regular basis.  In short, we have many things to keep us busy.

We continue to focus significant efforts on the ongoing process of securing additional career conversions for our MHAs; although that issue has been recently frustrated by the involuntary excessing of 3 Mail Handlers from the Rochester facility.  Shortly after the first of the year we received a withholding notice related to this event.  That notice identified a 100 mile radius in which duty assignments would be withheld for these Mail Handlers.

Subsequently, a dispute has ensued as to the scope of the withholding and the actual facilities which are impacted.  The disagreement is the result of decisions made by the Postal Service at the Area level; and as such, I’ve enlisted the aid of our Regional Director to help gain some clarification in this matter.  MN State Executive Board Member Shane Ryden and I have been working on these issues at the District level.

We’re making progress on several fronts and we remain committed to moving things forward.