Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

June 2016 Update

Summer is now in full swing and while the thoughts of many have turned towards vacation, your Local Union Representatives remain focused on numerous issues of importance to the Membership.  Issues such as MHA conversions, negotiations over the terms of the 2016 National Agreement, and preparations for the NPMHU as well as LIUNA conventions, are currently at the forefront.  Add to that the potential for Congress to move forward with Postal reform and it becomes clear that there is much on the horizon.


Our efforts towards MHA conversion primarily concern the enforcement of the National MOU regarding conversions.  Whether management is reluctant to convert MHAs or their efforts at implementing this MOU are simply inept, this important matter has our permanent attention.  MHA conversions are continuing and I’m confident that our Representatives in each Branch have the tools necessary to ensure compliance.


The process at securing the 2016 National Agreement remains ongoing as we wait to see the outcome of the interest arbitration between the Postal Service and our sister Union the APWU.  While there are significant differences between the work rules of our distinct bargaining units, the arbitrator will decide the economic issues within the common framework of the Postal Service’s financial condition.  This may provide the insight necessary to facilitate a tentative agreement on our contract.  The National Union has stated that they remain committed to securing a negotiated agreement which can be submitted to the Membership for a ratification vote.  We should be seeing something on this issue in the near future.


Planning continues for our attendance at August’s NPMHU national convention as well as September’s LIUNA convention.  During these conventions the Delegate will address matters concerning our internal governance. The Local 323 Delegation will be meeting in July to prepare for the first event.


And then there’s the prospect of Postal reform.  The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform recently released a 118-page “discussion draft” postal bill know by the short title - Postal Service Reform Act of 2016.  A copy of this bill is available on the National Union’s website.  It has been suggested in some circles that there may be a strong possibility of Postal reform passing during the lame duck session following the election.  Well, we’ve been down this road before; so, we’ll see.  In the event that something actually happens in this regard we’ll be prepared to convey our position to our Congressional delegations in both States.


Best wishes for an enjoyable summer to all!