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Jeff Larsen

November 2016 Update

There can be no doubt that the peak season is off and running, or some might say off and stumbling, and, as some have suggested off and floundering.  This will be the season that everyone will find most demanding; indeed, blanket overtime calls are already being made on non-Overtime Desired List (OTDL) full-time regular Mail Handlers.



Article 8.5 F provides that:


Excluding December, only in an emergency situation will a full-time
regular employee not on the "Overtime Desired" list be required to work
over ten (10) hours in a day or over six (6) days in a week.            


The National Agreement allows non-OTDL full-time regular Mail Handlers to be scheduled 10 hours a day and 6 days a week from January 1st through November 30th of every year.  Although, scheduling non-OTDL full-time regular Mail Handlers beyond 40 hours a week is usually infrequent during this timeframe.  This is because those who indicate their desire to work overtime by signing the OTDL serve as a protection for those who don’t.  In fact, the provisions of the National Agreement are designed to schedule those who indicate their “desire” for overtime, while protecting those who’d rather not, unless certain conditions are met.  It’s far from an absolute protection against involuntary overtime; but all things considered it’s a pretty good system.


In the month of December, the 10 hour a day and 6 days a week limitations are lifted for non-OTDL full-time regular Mail Handlers.  They can be scheduled 12 hours a day and 7 days a week just like the people on the OTDL.  Of course, the requirement to schedule the OTDL first still applies, but that may not be an important distinction during the all hands on deck situation in December.


Things have changes over the years as the workload needed for packages has eclipsed that needed for Christmas cards. There is no reason to believe that this trend won’t continue as the USPS strives to expand package delivery.  In any event, whether its cards or packages overtime will be needed to process America’s Christmas mail and the National Agreement accommodates that need during the month of December.


Work smart – work safe.