Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

June 2017 Update

We’re continuing our efforts at addressing the issues surrounding the recent batch of reversions, continuing to press for more MHA conversions, and we’re remaining prepared for any upcoming changes in the workplace.


While the receipt of reversions notices seems to have subsided, at least for now, the processing of grievances in this regard remains.  Those of you who follow the goings on of the Postal Service in the various media sources know that there has been an onslaught of reversions in facilities throughout the country.  All of the Local Unions of the NPMHU are engaged in challenging these actions.  The National Union has provided guidance to the field to assist in addressing reversions and that information has been disseminated to the Branch level.


Reversions also slow the pace at which MHAs are converted.  As duty assignments are eliminated through reversions the potential for a resulting residual is reduced.  That limits the opportunities for MHA conversions.  So, reversions are high on the list of the matters which we’re currently addressing.


You may have also seen that a joint letter from the NPMHU and the APWU was sent to the Postal Service concerning the number of excessing events throughout the country.  It’s been several years since Local 323 was impacted by an excessing event; so, here’s a basic overview.  There are two types of excessing events, internal and external.  Internal excessing involves a reduction in the number of duty assignment within a section and the reassignment of the junior regulars from that section to another section within the same installation. 


External excessing involved the reduction of the number of employees in an installation other than by attrition.  When an external excessing event is implemented management first separates casuals and MHAs to the extent possible and then management will involuntarily reassign regulars by juniority to other installations. 


The joint letter sent to the Postal Service concerns itself primarily with external excessing as several Local Unions have been notified of management’s intent to relocate Mail Handlers to other installations.  Fortunately, and at least for now, Local 323 has not received any such notices.


Best wishes to everyone for an enjoyable summer,