Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

July 2017 Update

By now everyone has learned of management’s staffing tool known as the Function 1 Scheduler.  This program was designed to align staffing to the time frames of the operational workload.  Nothing is currently causing more disruption to the lives of Mail Handlers.


Installations across the country as well as the facilities within Local 323 are feeling the impact.  Reversions, abolishments, start-time changes, off-day changes, and reposting, have become the order of the day.  Some places are experiencing excessing outside of the installation.  The installations within Local 323 have not been impacted to that extent; at least, not yet.


If you don’t understand the justification for these actions, you’re not alone, neither do I.  Meetings with management are ongoing in all affected locations.  Yet, no one can put rhyme or reason to the situation.  In fact, it has been noted that the Function 1 Scheduler is “far from perfect.”  And, that appears to be a kind statement.  We’ll be continuing our efforts in this regard with the intention of minimizing any adverse impact.