Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

August 2017 Update

I’m finding it necessary, once again, to restrain myself from embarking on a rant over some of the issues which are presently affecting the work floor.   Certainly, venting my frustrations in this public forum will not prove to be constructive in the long run.  So, suffice it to say, we’re continuing our efforts in addressing the current scheduling and staffing issues with the objective of minimizing the impact on the regular workforce.   


This August represents the start of the three year term of office for your elected Officers.  I would like to thank the Members for leaving the re-elected Officers and me at the helm of their Branches and their Local Union.  Congratulations to the re-elected Officers.  If anything is certain, it’s that this veteran group of Representative knew what they were getting themselves in to. 


Recently, National President Paul Hogrogian and National Secretary – Treasurer Tim Dwyer were in Saint Paul for the Installation of your Officers.  I would like to express my personal thanks to both of these gentlemen for personally attending our Installation.


The following are some excerpts from my remarks at that event:


To be sure, we’re moving forward as a seasoned group.  Together we have seen glorious victories, crushing defeats, more draws than I’d care to admit, and, some absolute horrors.  I wish I could tell you that things were going to be easier in the future; but, I don’t believe that’s going to be the case.  We have no idea what direction management will take the Postal Service or what legislation will be enacted by Congress.  Certainly, we’ll fight these battles in every arena; but ultimately, many things may be beyond our control. 


There are, however, things that we do control.  We control us.  We must be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances as well as new adversities.  In short, we must be prepared for any eventuality.  It’s been said that there’s nothing more constant than change.  When things change we must adapt to change; when things get harder we must get better.  This seasoned group, however, is not in need of a “Rah Rah” speech.  I’m well aware that the fervor of youth which this group once possessed has matured into steadfastness in purpose.


There is much that we’ll doing in the weeks, months, and years, that lie ahead; but, today is about commitment.  Today, through our oaths of office, we have sanctified our obligations to the Membership that we’re here to serve.   The future of Local 323 begins tomorrow.


And we move forward.