Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

October 2017 Update

It seems as if we’re living our lives in a pressure cooker; at least our lives at work.  I don't know how else to put it.  Management's nationwide endeavor to realign the workforce through the Function 1 scheduler is reaching fever pitch.  This is causing an extraordinary amount of stress for the Mail Handlers who are impacted as well as for the Representatives who continue their efforts at addressing the numerous problems.  


People have asked me to explain why management is taking these actions.  Simply put, I can’t.  Many have raised issues concerning adjustments which seem completely detached from the operational realities of the work floor.  Some have seen their schedule change an hour, only to receive another letter changing their start times back to where they started.  Others have received letters telling them that their jobs are being reposted due to a change in off days, only to see the job posting come out with the same off days in place.  We continue to raise these issues with management in every Branch; but, our words continue to fall on deaf ears.  We’re repeatedly told that management is following the dictates of their higher-ups.  Quite frankly, I’ve never seen Mail Handlers or Union representatives have a greater lack of confidence in management’s ability to run the enterprise.


I wish there was some positive aspect that I could point to all in this insanity, but there isn’t.  It neither helps for me to say that some other State, or some other Local Union, or some other Branch, is being impacted to a greater extent than us, nor does it help to say that the jobs of your Union representative are being impacted as well.  In fact, my job was changed.  While all of this is true, I understand that individual Mail Handlers just want to do their job and live their lives with some degree of stability.


We will continue our efforts at addressing these issues in the face of managerial inflexibility.  Keep in mind that it is management implementing these changes not the Union.  Union representatives must keep in mind that Mail Handlers are frustrated with these changes and Mail Handlers must keep in mind that the Union representatives who are attempting to address this insanity are also being personally impacted.  Let’s not allow this management created misadventure to divide us.