Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

November 2017 Update

This month sees implementation of the second of three general wage increases contained in the 2016 National Agreement.  This increase becomes effective on November 25th.  Also on this date, MHAs receive an increase of 1% on this date.  A printable version of the current wage chart is available under “Quick Links.” 


The final general wage increase of the 2016 National Agreement will be effective on November 24, 2018, and will consist of 1.3%.  There also exists the potential for four cost of living adjustments during the remaining term of this contract.


As we enter the initial phase of the peak season, management’s continued implementation of the F1 Scheduler is not likely to produce orderly operations.  Several very senior people have mentioned that they have never seen this level of confusion.  Some went so far as to say they are expecting to see the worst holiday season disaster of their careers.  Well, management has definitely set the stage for this outcome.  I attended the peak season planning meeting in Minneapolis only to hear customer service managers describe what was going to happen in mail processing.  Why was this?  It’s because no manager from mail processing could be bothered to attend the meeting.  I guess we’re going to see how things work out.


Protect yourself and your future during the peak season.  Keep in mind that the manager or supervisor telling you to work harder or faster will be the one disciplining you for an unsafe act should you get injured.  Try to give yourself and your coworkers a break.  Peak season is not normal operations and we need to remember that individual frustrations are higher than at any other time of the year.  Support your Representatives with information and statements.  Peak season is sure to generate some significant grievance activity. 


Be safe!