Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

December 2017 Update

It seems some have gotten the impression that the Union oversees operations in the Postal Service.  The Union does not run the Postal Service.  Not your Officers, not your Stewards, and certainly not me.  It is not our job to run the Postal Service.  That is the job of Postal management.  It is the Union’s job to determine if the way management runs the Postal Service violates the contract.


This impression, or perhaps I should say mis-impression, has become prevalent recently due to management’s continuing implementation of the function 1 scheduler.   Some even went so far as to suggest that specific Union Representatives were participating in management’s decision making process.  Specifically, that they were deciding which bids would be changed or eliminated.  This is not the case.  While the Union has met with management and pointed out situations which would violate the contract, this was done solely to protect the rights of Mail Handlers.  Quite frankly, our contractual arguments often fell on deaf ears and it has become necessary to pursue grievances in many circumstances.  It has become more than abundantly clear that the decisions regarding these changes are being dictated by a higher level.


I understand that the changes being made are causing frustration and are a personal disruption to the lives of everyone.  Certainly, you can’t vent your frustrations on a computer program; but, venting your frustrations on your Union Representative while they’re working the floor is not ultimately helpful.  Our handful of Union Representatives are a dedicated group of volunteers who remain committed to challenging management’s violations of the contract on your behalf.


2018 is looming on the horizon and your Union Representatives remain determined to face the challenges that lie ahead.