Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

January 2018 Update

While it seems like we hit the ground running, it’s more likely that we’re continuing to ride a wave of momentum from last year.  Whatever the case, it has already become clear that 2018 will be substantial in terms of grievance activity.  Many continue to see grievance payments included in their pay checks on regular basis.


There are three groups of people who are primarily responsible for producing this result.  Your Officers, more importantly, your Stewards, and most importantly, yourselves.  Certainly, it’s not surprising that an Officer, Branch President, Chief Steward, Steward, or Alternate Steward, is busy reviewing schedules, clock rings, or other grievance documents, in their endeavor to ensure that Mail Handlers are afforded the rights to which their entitled under the National Agreement.  It’s also not surprising that there are Members who participate in the grievance process by writing statements which identify contractual violations; but what is surprising, is the sharp increase in the number of Members who are coming forward to add their voice to the chorus.  


I don’t know for sure what’s inspiring more Members to participate in grievances.  If I were to guess I would think the reason starts with an “F” and ends with a “unction 1 scheduler.”  What I do know is that I’m greatly encouraged by this increase in Member participation.  Together we can continue to build on our successes because together we are the Union.