Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

April 2018 Update

Recently, all of the so called “excessing events” impacting facilities within the Northland District were canceled.  Those who had been notified that they may be excessed outside the craft and/or installation have received new letters rescinding that notification.  The Local 323 facilities within the Dakotas District were not impacted by excessing events.  This presents us with the opportunity to refocus our efforts on MHA conversions.


When the Postal Service plans to relocate employees to other installations, duty assignments that go “no bidders” are withheld in installations that are within a certain distance of the impacted facility.  This effectively stops the process of MHA conversions in order to save jobs for Mail Handlers who may be involuntarily displaced from their facilities.  Many of you who have been around a while are familiar with the way the contract operates under these circumstances.  The termination of these events allows us to take account of the withheld jobs and work towards filling them through a contractual mechanism.  That mechanism leads to MHA conversions.


While this process did not stop in the Dakotas District, the facilities in the Northland District are once again able to move things forward.  The process isn’t always quick; but, with some effort and determination, progress will be made.