Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

July 2018 Update

As we keep pressing issues forward, it seems that more items continue to be added to our task list.  This isn’t a bad thing as times of increased activity can produce positive results.  We continue seeing many favorable settlements coming from the grievance procedure and MHA conversions are occurring with some regularity.  Still, some recent developments and items looming on the horizon are likely to require that we kick things into high gear.


Recently, our Union, the APWU, and the Postal Service, entered into an agreement to update the RI-399 Jurisdictional process.  This will require all three parties to meet in every installation across both States and address pending issues.  This item alone will be the cause of much activity for your Representatives.   


The report from the Presidential Task Force on the USPS is due by August 10th.  No one can predict with certainty what recommendations it will contain; but, there is nothing that we need to watch more closely.  Postal reform?  It seems as if we've been watching Congress for Postal reform since the last version of Postal reform in 2006.  Still, considering current circumstances, this is something that we must be prepared to address.   And these items may just be the tip of the iceberg on the governmental front.


Oh, and let’s not forget, we will be going into contract negotiations next year.  I anticipate that the call for contract proposals will be coming before the end of the year.  As always, contract negotiations will present many challenges.


Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to all the Members who continue participating in the grievance procedure by writing statements.  Moreover, I’m grateful for the Officers and Stewards who process the resulting grievances.  We all must perform our tasks in the present while keeping an ever-watchful eye on the road ahead.