Local President's Page

Jeff Larsen

November 2019 Update

And the peak season approaches.  But, the peak of what exactly?  I guess that largely depends on your perspective.  Peak season has become the prevalent term which has replaced what was previously known as the Christmas rush or holiday rush.  In a universal sense, it means the time of the year when the Postal Service experiences its highest volume.  Yet, mail volume isn’t the only peak that occurs during this time.


For some it means their peak opportunity for overtime, while other will view it as the peak disruption of their personal lives.  These are those who have described it as peak disorder or peak confusion; and, it may be hard to dispute those descriptions.  From the viewpoint of your Union Representatives, it could be described as the season of peak contract violations which results in peak grievance activity.  I know from experience that this is true.  It will be the season of peak stress and short tempers.  Sometimes it will be necessary to take a deep breath and recognize that it’s December at the Postal Service.  There are extreme dynamics during the month of December that don’t exist the rest of the year.


Protect yourself and your future by working safely.  Let your Steward know of any contractual violations and write them a statement.  While your Union always appreciates your participation in the grievance procedure, it is particularly important during this time of the year.  The issues that you bring to their attention will be addressed in the grievance procedure.  Keep in mind that your coworkers and Stewards are also working in a high-pressure environment.