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NPMHU Political Action Committee

About the PAC

The National Postal Mail Handlers Union Political Action Committee (NPMHU PAC)


The NPMHU PAC is comprised of Mail Handler Members, Stewards, and Officers, who are committed to ensuring that our voices are heard on important political issues. It contributes to campaigns of candidates for and incumbents of Congress who repeatedly demonstrate “concern for working people and for [the] aims and objectives of the NPMHU and the entire trade union movement.”


The PAC is non-partisan in its operations, and, by federal law, is financed completely through voluntary contributions from Members and groups who subscribe to the objectives of the Mail Handlers PAC. Your Union needs your active involvement in contributing to the Political Action Committee to assist candidates who will work to protect the wages and benefits of all Mail Handlers. Our PAC membership is small but growing larger.

How to Join the PAC

Join and Become an NPMHU Political Activist!


There is a quick way for Mail Handlers to contribute to the NPMHU PAC. Simply call in to the PostalEASE system or visit the PostalEASE option on the web at Additional options for joining the PAC may be downloaded from the link below. Your PAC contribution will be made directly from your bi-weekly postal payroll. You also have the option of sending in a personal check or authorizing a credit card contribution. Your contributions will also be entered into the incentive award program that entitles you to an award based on your contribution level. There are five distinct PAC membership levels and awards. Awards are distributed based on membership level and will be mailed after the end of the year; awards will vary year to year.