Mail Handlers Local 323

Representing Mail Handlers and MHAs working for the United States Postal Service

About Local 323

Where We're Located

Mail Handlers Local 323 is one of the 37 Local Unions of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union. With headquarters in St. Paul, Local 323 has a territorial jurisdiction comprised of the States of Minnesota and North Dakota. In additions to the Local Office, there are nine Branch offices serving Mail Handlers and MHAs thoughout both States.

Local 323 Is About Working For The Future

There have been many slogans used by the labor movement to describe Unions. Many have expressed principles, objectives, or a steadfast commitment to unity. Slogans such as: “United We Bargain, Divided We Beg”, “An Injury To One Is An Injury To All”, and “You Are The Union”, have been used by Members to describe what their Union is about. If there’s any common theme to these slogans, it’s that they describe a Union as a place where people come together. Local 323 strives to be such a place.


Local 323 consists of a diverse group of people. We are women and men from different backgrounds, with heritages rooted in different counties, with different beliefs, and of different ages, who have come together for the benefit of all. We all are MHAs or Mail Handlers working for the United States Postal Service, we all watch the contracts mark the milestones of our careers, and we all want a secure future. We want dignity and respect in the workplace, we want our contract honored, and we want to see improvements in our wages and benefits. Local 323 is a place to come together to accomplish these goals.


Local 323 is a Membership services organization. The most important person in Local 323 is the Member and the input of the Member is our most important resource. It is this input which forms the foundation for contract negotiations, contract enforcement, and the development of benefit plans. Our Representatives are not doctors, lawyers, or aerospace engineers, they are MHAs and Mail Handlers. Like everyone else, they came to work on day one wondering what the future would hold. Each made a decision to volunteer and provide service to their Brothers and Sisters in the Union.


Local 323 is more than a place where MHAs and Mail Handlers come together, it’s more than a group of people championing goals or ideals, and it's more than can be summed up by a slogan. Local 323 is each and everyone of us. We are MHAs, we are Mail Handlers, we are the Members, and we are part of an American labor movement that’s always working toward a better future for our Members and their families.