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Arthur S. Vallone Scholarship

The National Union is accepting applications for the Arthur S. Vallone Scholarship. This program provides an annual amount of at least $1,000, renewable for up to four (4) years or until the completion of the undergraduate degree. All applications are due by March 15, 2021 and more information may be found on the National Union's website.  


Vallone Scholarship Information

January Update - From the Local President

This month’s column will be going in a bit of a different direction. For a while I’ve had an idea of providing a basic explanation of certain contractual provisions and concepts which affect our day-to-day lives in the workplace. The initial idea was to create something like a “Know Your Contract” section in the Member’s area of our website. This section would contain simple explanations of contractual provisions which could help the Membership better understand their rights. This would require common sense, non-technical explanations, which would include real world examples. The contract can be hyper technical in places; so, wish me luck with the non-technical part. In any case, I’m unsure if this month’s column will serve as the starting point for a “Know Your Contract” section on the website, maybe it will. Time will tell.


This is where I’m going to start: November 24, 1984. What is November 24, 1984? That is my seniority date. It seems like a good seniority date now, but I can assure you it wasn’t in 1985 or 1986. So, let’s take a look at seniority, who has it, how it works, and how it may be used.


Continues …

December Update - From the Local President

During 2020 we dealt with many adversities. This culminated with a peak season replete with unprecedented volume and staffing shortages. No facility, no Mail Handler, and no MHA, was spared from this experience. The Union, your Officers, and your Representatives, faced the challenge of providing representation throughout this difficult year. I think it’s safe to say that everyone is looking forward to 2020 coming to a close. Still, we must recognize that Local 323 accomplished many objectives during this tough year.  


Continues …


November Update - From the Local President

We’ve made it through the election mail deluge and find ourselves preparing to plunge head-first into peak season. In the meantime, a surge in the number COVID-19 cases is continuing to diminish the number of people available for duty. While peak season has always been chaotic, the current circumstances have created the potential for the situation to become extreme. We all know that peak season requires perseverance, but perseverance is something that occurs with time. We need a starting point, or path of sorts, to guide our way through peak season. Something that can be followed today, tomorrow, and throughout this period. This begins by adopting a mindset that you will put your health and safety above everything else.  Continues …


October Update - From the Local President

Ok, here we go. I’m going to let it roll a little bit here. So, this month’s column comes with some words of warning: If this gets lengthy, you knew I was Jeff when you started reading.


We’re definitely in the midst of several difficult situations. We haven’t seen the COVID-19 pandemic subside. If anything, we’re seeing an increase in infections as well as exposures. The impact to the workforce is being amplified by those increases. This impact hasn’t been limited to operations. Most of our Branches have experienced Representatives who were infected or required to quarantine. This has required the remaining Representatives to pick up an additional workload and I can’t commend them enough for rising to the challenge. Our Representatives have clearly demonstrated their commitment to the Membership of their Branches. Continues …


September Update - From the Local President

Moving forward during difficult times tends to present a unique set of challenges. This is particularly true if it’s necessary to adapt an approach to be more responsive to circumstances. Still, we can’t be deterred from making necessary changes solely because times are difficult. It would be easy to sit back and wait for things to return to some semblance of normalcy; but the path of least resistance is seldom a path of progress. Continues …


August Update - From the Local President

There are times when so much is going on that I don’t know where to start this column. Sometimes I begin with a broad overview of current issues, which then turns to specifics. While that approached has been appropriate at times, there have also been single topic columns which have gone into some detail. The latter usually involved major issues like contracts. I’ve been criticized for going too far at times and it’s been suggested that I write too rigidly for general consumption. Both criticisms are probably well founded. There are paths on which I tread lightly because I know I’ll go too far; and some topics are just inherently rigid.


My objective has always been to share the view from my chair with the Members who put me in that chair. I strive to share this view as completely as possible and there have been times I’ve been brutally candid. The opinions I’ve expressed have always considered the potential effect any issue may have on the Mail Handler Membership. Still, my opinions are no better than anyone else’s; they come from one Mail Handler, in one Local Union, who’s just been in a position for quite a long time. To be sure, I’ve acquired many dents, scratches, and miles, during more than two decades as your Local President. Well, on August 1st, the odometer turned over again. That’s the day the Officers of Local 323 began their three-year term of service to the Members. Continues …