Congratulations MHAs Being Converted!

The Local Union is working to implement the latest MHA Conversion MOU negotiated by the National Union. This recent MOU will be administered identically to the MOU from earlier this year. Career conversion must be completed no later than August 14th and duty assignments equal to the number of conversions must be posted for installation-wide bidding. We continue seeing numerous MHA career conversions within Local 323.


Newly converted career Mail Handlers have 60 days from the date of their career appointment to enroll in a Federal Employee Health Benefit (FEHB) insurance plan. If you don’t make a selection in this 60 day window, you will be considered to have declined coverage, and you must wait to enroll until the next Open Season or Qualifying Life Event.


We ask that you consider our plan, the Mail Handlers Benefit Plan (MHBP), when looking into your health insurance choices. The MHBP provides three coverage options which allow everyone to personalize costs and benefits to their individual needs. Take a look, you’ll like what you see. Don’t forget, you must enroll in a FEHB plan within 60 days of the date on which you’re converted.


Career Conversion - MHBP 2021 Health, Dental, and Vision Plans.

MHBP Informational Webinars.

August Update - From the Local President

As August and summer draw toward an end, the Members and Representatives of Local 323 continue to adapt to changing circumstances. The available MHAs have been converted and direct career hiring is underway in many facilities. Newly created duty assignments have been posted for bid. Although, some locations are experiencing hiccups and there has been at least one instance of resorting to the grievance procedure to seek compliance. New machinery continues to be installed and implementation of the Postal Support Annex is underway. To be sure, there’s a lot going on right now.


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July Update - From the Local President

There has been no further movement on Postal reform and those pieces of legislation remain parked in Congressional committees. Still, Local 323 remains ready to spring into action and solicit support from our Congressional Delegations at a moments notice. I remain optimistic about the prospects of Postal reform passing this Congress. So, instead of adopting a wait and see approach, Local 323 is using a wait and be prepared approach.


A significant portion of our current efforts are focused on the second wave of MHA conversions resulting from the National MOU and the upcoming implementation of the package support annex (PSA) as part of the NDC. The Local Union is putting particular emphasis on these two important issues.


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2021 Local 323 Scholarship Awarded

The 2021 Matt Lopez - Local 323 Scholarship has been awarded to Emma Pierce. Emma is the daughter of St. Paul Branch Member Brian Pierce. The Local Union Council offers it's congratulations to Emma and wishes her the best in the pursuit of her education.

June Update - From the Local President

Things continue moving forward at a rapid pace. Topping the list was the announcement of an MHA conversion MOU secured by the National Union. In addition, the Postal Service begins to implement changes as part of the 10-year plan, we continue monitoring the status of Postal Reform, and the Local election to select another Delegate to this year’s LIUNA convention has been completed.


In every Branch, across both States, the Representatives of Local 323 remain focused on obtaining the best outcome for the Membership under all circumstances.


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