November Update - From the Local President


Peak season is upon us once again. In the past this has meant a time of operational chaos resulting from an overwhelming volume which required everyone to go above and beyond to process the Mail. Although currently, I’m not sure whether the chaos of peak season will be any different from the chaos which ensues daily. Indeed, operational chaos resulting from managerial ineptitude has become the order of the day 365 days a year. Will anyone even notice a difference during peak season?


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October Update - From the Local President


The Postmaster General’s 10-Year Plan continues to be implemented in more locations across the country. This implementation involves a redesignation of facilities and the reconfiguring of operations within these facilities to supposedly create more efficiency throughout the Postal network. Current Network Distributions Centers are being converted into a Regional Processing and Distribution Center (RPDC), while current Processing and Distribution Centers are being converted into a Local Processing Center (LPC) or some other type of facility.


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September Update - From the Local President


The Local Union is forever engaged in two extremely broad activities. Addressing the issues which impact the Members on a day-to-day basis, that is to say contract administration, and looking down the road to plan for the future. The question of where your Local Union is going to be a year from now, five years from now, or ten years from now, is continually being considered by the Officers of the Local Executive Board and Local Union Council. While no one can predict with certainty what the future may bring, we can look at all the possibilities and evaluate what outcomes may be more likely or less likely. As time passes and as the evaluation continues, the likeliness of potential outcomes change.


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August Update - From the Local President


August represents the start of a new 3-year term for the Officers of Local 323. This began on July 30th when National President Paul Hogrogian came to town and administered the oath of office. Accompanying him were National Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Tabarus and Central Regional Vice President June Harris. This was the first time that Local 323 had the privilege of three National Officers attending our installation ceremony.


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Local 323 Officers Sworn in by National President Hogrogian


On July 30, 2023, National President Paul Hogrogian, National Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Tabarus, and Central Regional Vice President June Harris visited Local 323 for the 2023 Installation of Officers. Pictures from this event can be seen in the photo gallaries.