July Update - From the Local President

If there’s anything certain about the future, it’s that the future always comes. Planning for the future requires that we consider all possibilities. This is far from an exact science. But the more thoroughly we consider the possible outcomes, the better prepared we’ll be when the future arrives. The scope of our consideration involves the future of the Postal Service and the future of the Union. Like it or not, the future of the Union is inseparably connected to the future of the Postal Service.


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2022 Matt Lopez Scholarship Awarded

The Local Union Council has selected the recipient of the 2022 Matt Lopez Local 323 Scholarship. In the history of the Scholarship Program, we were never required to choose from a more qualified group of candidates. This made our decision difficult. In the end, no candidate was without a vote.


The Local Union Council is pleased to announce that the 2022 Matt Lopez Local 323 Scholarship has been awarded to Leah Maslowski. Leah is the daughter of Minneapolis Branch Member Mike Maslowski. The Local Union Council wishes Leah the best as she pursues her education.

June Update - From the Local President

Contract negotiations at the national level are underway, and at the local level we are preparing for the “2020” National Convention this August. The outcome of these events will chart two of the courses which we will follow in the futures. The results of contract negotiations will control our lives in the workplace for several years, while the results of the National Convention will govern the operation of the Union until the next Convention. These are important events, and your Representatives are focused on producing the best possible results for the Membership.


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May Update - From the Local President

So how are things going in Local 323? That’s a good question. I found myself contemplating that very question as I searched for a topic to cover in this month’s column. At times there’s something particularly positive or interesting to cover. The passage of Postal Reform or the ratification of a new National Agreement would fall into this category. Alternatively, there are times when I find no shortage of topics which arise from my frustration. I don’t think you need examples of that. And then there are times when significant events loom on the horizon and we focus on improving at our core function of providing representation. That is where Local 323 finds itself right now.


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April Update - From the Local President

All right, here I go again. If you sense an underlying tone of frustration, it’s because my old friend frustration is paying me a visit once again. Maybe it’s just me. It’s possible that I’m just becoming a grumpy old guy. So, I’m going to explore the source of my frustration and let you decide. Why am I frustrated? It’s been suggested that I don’t understand. Although, I can’t completely dismiss the possibility that I’m not the one who doesn’t understand.


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