Matt Lopez

Matt Lopez - Local 323 Scholarship Program

The Local Union Council is pleased to announce the opportunity to apply for the Matt Lopez – Local 323 Scholarship Program. This program was established in 1996 and renamed in honor of Matt Lopez in 2017. Matt served the Local Union and the Minneapolis Branch for more than 25 years prior to his untimely passing in July of 2017. He was our Steward, our coworker, our friend, and he will forever be our Brother.


The 2021 program provides for a 4 year $800.00 annual Scholarship which begins in September of this year. Copies of the rules and applications will be provided to all Branches and made available at the Local Office by June 1, 2021.


Opening date for the acceptance of applications is June 1, 2021. The closing date is June 30, 2021.


Any graduating senior who is the son, daughter or legal ward of any regular member in good standing of Local 323 of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union may apply. Good standing is defined by Article V, Section 1, of the Uniform Local Union Constitution of the National Postal Mail Handlers Union. Applicants must file an Official Application with the Local Union Office.


2021 Scholarship Rules and Application

May Update - From the Local President

May has shaped up to be a month of significant developments. The two primary areas where this has happened involve Emergency Federal Employee Leave (EFEL) and Postal Reform. In addition, Local 323 is currently holding an election to select a Delegate to the 2021 LIUNA Convention. Mailing of the ballots to the Membership will occur on or before June 4th.


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April Update - From the Local President

Has management ever issued you a letter of warning, notice of suspension, or notice of removal? If so, there is more than a 90% chance it was for attendance. How do I know this? That’s what our grievance activity on discipline tells me. This means that if you are removed from your employment with the Postal Service there is a 90% chance that it will be for attendance. I’m hoping this has grabbed your attention.


This month’s column may be a little different. It will explore (or attempt to explore) attendance requirements and will identify proactive steps you can take to protect your job. This column is for everyone, but it is particularly geared to those in the early years of their Postal employment.


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March Update - From the Local President

The Postmaster General and the Board of Governors have released the long awaited 10-year plan for the Postal Service, things seem to be developing on the legislative front, and we continue working to ensure compliance with the conversion MOU negotiated by the National Union. We hit the ground running on the first of the year and it appears that a hectic pace will continue throughout 2021.


Oh, and you may have noticed that the Local 323 website has a new look. In all areas, Local 323 continues building and preparing for the future.


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