Mail Handlers Local 323

Representing Mail Handlers and MHAs working for the United States Postal Service

Local President's Page

June 2020 Update

Are things beginning to return to normal?  In some cases things are moving towards normal, or what we considered to be normal in the past, while in other cases nothing has changed.  We have removed the plywood covering the front windows and doorway at the Local 323 office, my favorite Mailbox has been returned to the corner, and we are in the process of removing graffiti from the side of the building.  Although, removing graffiti from the building has been a regular enough occurrence that it seems normal. 


Things have not changed regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.  It has not gone away.  The Local Union continues to support compliance with CDC guidelines in the workplace. 


We continue to adapt to the circumstances brought about by COVID-19.   Many Members and Representatives have tested positive or have been required to quarantine.  In addition, most activities have either been cancelled, postponed, or conducted virtually (Zoom) on the internet.  The 2020 National Convention has been postponed until March of 2021, the Local picnic has been postponed, and the National President has granted a waiver concerning Branch and Steward meetings.  The April Semi Annual Meeting of the Local Unions was conducted via Zoom, meetings with management are being conducted by Zoom, and the last meeting of the Local 323 Executive Board had a Zoom component.  I say a Zoom component because some people were spaced out in the conference room, while a couple of others attended via Zoom from other offices in the building.   We continue to do what is necessary to keep things moving along.


I would like to express my thanks to all the Members and Representatives who are putting forth the extra effort required.  More specifically, I would like to thank the Members who continue to participate in the grievance procedure by writing statements and pointing out issues.  You play a vital role in protecting the rights of all Mail Handlers and demonstrate that strong Members make for a strong Union.