Mail Handlers Local 323

Representing Mail Handlers and MHAs working for the United States Postal Service

Local President's Page

December 2020 Update

During 2020 we dealt with many adversities.  This culminated with a peak season replete with unprecedented volume and staffing shortages.  No facility, no Mail Handler, and no MHA, was spared from this experience.  The Union, your Officers, and your Representatives, faced the challenge of providing representation throughout this difficult year.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone is looking forward to 2020 coming to a close.  Still, we must recognize that Local 323 accomplished many objectives during this tough year.


2020 was a two-election year for Local 323.  First, a Delegate election for the 2020 NPMHU National Convention was conducted.  Circumstances required that this Convention be postponed, and it is now scheduled to occur in August of 2022.  Second, Local 323 conducted an election for Local Officers.  This put in place the people who will serve the Members on the Local Executive Board and the Local Union Council for the next three years.


During the last quarter of 2020, Local 323 conducted Local Negotiations in two metro-area Branches.  The decision to open Local Negotiations is never a decision that can be made lightly.  This is particularly true when Representatives are already dealing with an expanded workload and your decision will only add to that workload.  However, the interests of the Membership will always outweigh any short-term increase in workload.  In both Branches, I didn’t just shove your Representatives into the deep end of the pool, I jumped in with them (yes, I can still swim).  In any case, we worked hard, put in the long hours, and in the end, we enhanced the benefits enjoyed by the Members.


In a year totally devoid of normalcy, maintaining normal operations can become a challenge.  Representatives were out due to COVID-19, returned from being out, and this occurred repeatedly.  Throughout this situation there was an ever-shifting workload based upon Representative availability.  I’m pleased to say that there were no gaps in representation as your Representatives continuously adapted to meet changing circumstances.  The Representatives of Local 323 are to be commended for their additional effort during 2020.


It’s hard to say what will 2021 hold for Local 323.  But your Officers remain committed, your Representatives remain committed, and I remain committed, to moving our organizations forward.  We will continue to adapt to circumstances, we will continue to rise to the occasion, and we will face the obstacles on the road ahead together.