Mail Handlers Local 323

Representing Mail Handlers and MHAs working for the United States Postal Service

Local President's Page

March 2024 Update

What do you do when you see a violation of the contract? You ask your supervisor for a Steward. See a violation, ask for a Steward. See a violation, ask for a Steward. Repeatedly, over and over again. We need to make this an ingrained part of our culture.


Your Officers and Stewards can’t see every contractual violation. Every Member must realize that there will be times when they are the eyes and ears of the Union. I have said it often, in my opinion the Member is the most important person in the Union. This is one of the reasons why. Member participation in the grievance process greatly increases the probability of successful outcomes. For the most part, Member involvement is good, but there’s always room for improvement.


Every day we walk toward the future together. Your Officers and Stewards are committed to a better future for all Members. Better grievance results, better contracts, and creating a better Union will benefit everyone. Achieving our goals requires that we continue to build a more robust culture of Member engagement. That is because your Officers and Stewards are not the Union, we all are the Union.


We must keep working together, and we must always strive to build a stronger and better Union.