Mail Handlers Local 323

Representing Mail Handlers and MHAs working for the United States Postal Service

Local President's Page

June 2021 Update

Things continue moving forward at a rapid pace. Topping the list was the announcement of an MHA conversion MOU secured by the National Union. In addition, the Postal Service begins to implement changes as part of the 10-year plan, we continue monitoring the status of Postal Reform, and the Local election to select another Delegate to this year’s LIUNA convention has been completed.


In every Branch, across both States, the Representatives of Local 323 remain focused on obtaining the best outcome for the Membership under all circumstances.


On June 21st, the National Union secured a MOU which provides for the conversion of 6,596 Mail Handler Assistants to career Mail Handlers. When added to the previous MOU, this represents more than 12,000 Mail Handler Assistants being converted nation-wide this year. There are 146 conversions within Local 323. The current MOU will be administered identically to the one from earlier this year. Career conversion must be completed no later than August 14th and duty assignments equal to the number of conversions must be posted for installation-wide bidding.


The Local Office and the Branch Offices have been deeply involved in issues related to EFEL. Our first objective was to ensure that no Mail Handler or MHA was improperly denied leave to which they were entitled; secondly, we strived to ensure that management did not request documentation beyond the scope of OPM guidelines.


Newly converted career Mail Handlers are reminded that they have 60 days from the date of their career appointment to enroll in a Federal Employee Health Benefit (FEHB) insurance plan. If you don’t make a selection in this 60-day window, you will be considered to have declined coverage, and must wait to enroll until the next Open Season or Qualifying Life Event.


The Postal Service is beginning to implement the initial phase of the 10-year plan. This involves changes to operations and machinery designed to improve mail processing. Moreover, the Postal Service has announced that it intends to acquire 46 package support annexes nation-wide to support mail processing facilities. The Minneapolis/St. Paul NDC has been designated as one of the facilities which will have a package support annex.


The election to fill a single Delegate position for this year’s LIUNA convention has been completed. Congratulations go to NDC Branch Chief Steward and Local 323 Treasurer John P. Frey for being elected to this position. Special thanks go to Tony Stickler of the NDC Branch, Nicole Rodriguez of the St. Paul Branch, and Jarred Hoover of the Minneapolis Branch, who served as Judges for this election.