Mail Handlers Local 323

Representing Mail Handlers and MHAs working for the United States Postal Service

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November 2023 Update

Peak season is upon us once again. In the past this has meant a time of operational chaos resulting from an overwhelming volume which required everyone to go above and beyond to process the Mail. Although currently, I’m not sure whether the chaos of peak season will be any different from the chaos which ensues daily. Indeed, operational chaos resulting from managerial ineptitude has become the order of the day 365 days a year. Will anyone even notice a difference during peak season?


Even though peak season has become less of an event in recent years, there are still some things we know will occur. Management will completely disregard our contract, not to say that management is known for compliance the rest of the year, but during peak season this disregard becomes blatant. When you see managers, supervisors, and 204-B’s perform Mail Handler work, report it to your Steward. Don’t let management steal our work and take money out of your pockets.


We also know that tensions will be running higher than normal on the workroom floor. It is important that you adopt a mindset of protecting yourself by working safely. As I have stated time and time again, I’m of the opinion that the worst thing that can happen to a Postal employee is that they have an on-the-job injury. The same inept managerial culture that you deal with daily will be responsible for processing your workers compensation claim. How do you think that’s going to work out?


If you witness a contractual violation, ask for a Steward, if you need help with an issue, ask for a Steward. Don’t hesitate to write statements for your Union. We are here to protect your rights and your participation is crucial. Don’t hesitate to get involved.