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Representing Mail Handlers and MHAs working for the United States Postal Service

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August Update

August represents the start of a new 3-year term for the Officers of Local 323. This began on July 30th when National President Paul Hogrogian came to town and administered the oath of office. Accompanying him were National Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Tabarus and Central Regional Vice President June Harris. This was the first time that Local 323 had the privilege of three National Officers attending our installation ceremony.


While the National Officers were the guests of honor, I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize three additional people who made moving forward possible. Those people were of course the Judges of Election. For several months, Anab Mohamed, Nicole Rodriguez, and Alejandra Hernandez worked to keep the election on track and ensure that everything was conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Uniform Local Union Constitution. Thank you, ladies.


We have seen some changes in Officers, and at the forefront was a change in the Office of the Treasurer. John Frey decided to embark on his well-deserved retirement (after 24 years as Treasurer) and Jarred Hoover was elected to serve in this capacity. A change in the office of the Treasurer is significant and several months of planning and preparation were undertaken prior to the change. Our efforts in this regard were well founded and a solid transition in the Treasurer’s office has occurred.


The Local Union is currently accepting applications for Representative positions in the metro area Branches. All applications must be received by September 15, 2023. Any Member interested in applying may obtain an application from their Branch President.


With the Postmaster General’s 10-year plan looming on the horizon, we are preparing to face the challenges which are ahead.