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November 2022 Update

What do things look like as the Postal Service prepares for the oncoming mail onslaught? It has been widely reported that the Postal Service is going into peak season with less employees than last year. The Postal Service has responded to this concern by saying that numerous career conversions have reduced the need for additional peak season hiring. In any case, the Postal Service has assured Congress, the mailing industry, and the American people that it is well prepared for peak season. We shall see.


There are several things which can be expected during peak season. Mail volume will be extreme, hours will be long, and at some point, tempers will become short. Those who’ve been around this block a couple of times know that they must adjust their point of view. Each Mail Handler and MHA will need to develop a plan to weather the storm. Make the decision to protect your future and your livelihood by working safely. This is particularly important for people operating powered industrial equipment.


When things reach a boiling point, take a breath, remind yourself that it’s peak season at the Postal Service, and realize that things occur during peak season that don’t happen the rest of the year.


Whether you’re working a manual operation or operating powered equipment, working safely is the path to a long career. I have often said that the worst thing that can happen to a Mail Handler during their career is that they suffer an on-the-job injury. That statement rings truer and truer every year. Don’t put yourself at the mercy of doctors, the workers compensation program, and a managerial culture incapable of properly administering your compensation claim.


Look out for yourself, your fellow Mail Handlers, and the newly hired MHAs. Helping someone through their first peak season embodies the spirit of Unionism.